other ways of data importation


im really having a hard time importing data from excel to ax using the template wizard.

are there other ways to import data?




The easist way is excel only. you can discuss the issue you are getting while importing through excel. it works fine most of the time. also which version of AX you are using



The best way is to write scripts with developers, or write scripts from standard templates, this will mean developers call the correct initialisation and validation codes.

hi v_rajsh,

im using excel 2007 for ax 2009.

i used the template wizard. then i use the excel to input the necessary information. when i import (using DEFINITION group), no data were imported.

i also tried exporting the table to excel, input the data in excel, and then import it back to ax, but no data were still imported.

im really having a hard time here since none of our developers are trained in ax.

thank you so much!


There is a setting on the import wizard telling it what to import. What is this set to? If set to imported, it will not import.

Also verify the table, it may import but not be visible because of the tables you are importing.

Hi Haydee can you explain process you have followed and what data you are trying to import???

hi kranthi!

i created a vendor table template using template wizard. after that, i went to DEFINITON GROUP, click Import, still no data were imported. sometimes infolog prompt saying that the data already exist but actually no data were imported (when i go to vendor details, the grid is empty)



Hai Hyadee,

No data import means ur not filling thr mandatory filelds.am alredy given in my previous post How to import data through Excel with step by step.ok once u go through the following link and try once again.


ok naresh i’ll try that one. thanks for giving me the link.


hi naresh,

i actually visited the link that you gave weeks ago. i followed the steps in that link. however, what was given there are step by step instruction for vendor/customer master importation only. what i wanna do now is to import the item master data. can you suggest any link in item master importaion? please? thnaks in advance.

anyway, i found this link very useful for vendor/customer master importation.


super thanks!

I hope you can suggest on item master importation.



Hi Haydee,

Check this link it may be useful…


Naresh kolli

Hai Hydee,

i didn’t get data for that. use the following link https://community.dynamics.com/product/ax/f/33/p/37276/66963.aspx#66963

hi naresh kolli (so many naresh here),

thanks for that link.



hi naresh,

i’ll also check that link.

super thanks!


Dear Naresh Kolli,

I visited the link that you posted and found out it was for migrating ax master data to excel file. what I want to know is how to import the excel file back to ax after populating that same excel file. that is where im get most of my troubles.

anyway, thanks. I appreciate all the help i am getting from here.


hi i have go through your valuable article, but i find one problem as i have export the template for the vendor master and tring to import it through your process. At the definition group form, i click on table setup button, at the form i only found the overview tab not the Import criteria and the rest. can u tell me why so… please reply as today i have to import it any how