Orphaned Assembly Order


I have a situation where an ATO Sales Order has been deleted and this has not broken the link with the Assembly Order. I am unable to delete the Assembly Order as this is registered as ATO still, and cannot post the order without the Warehouse Shipment.

I have tried the typical edit in excel & configuration packages to try and force delete however this was not possible.

I’m hoping for ideas where I can break this connection and/or manage to force post the document.

We are using Business Central Cloud V19.2.


You’ll probably have to write an Extension batch to delete the AO. Be sure you apply some rigid filters to the process to keep it targeted to only that AO.

Can I ask how you deleted the Sales Order without deleting the AO?

Thanks Ben, was hoping not to raise with our developer :wink:
I’m not sure how the SO got deleted, I haven’t been able to recreate so can only imagine there was a flaw in the code last year. (this is an old orphaned ATO I stumbled on in my cleanse).

Thanks for your help!