Ordering about Expense and Service

Hi everybody I am in thailand. Now my business has been ordered about Expense and Service above the item.In this case I create purchase order to be normal which the same in case the item,but I don’t create Receipt Document because it is not the item when I used the Expense or Service.So when I receipted vendor invoice I will create account payable by vendor invoice.I want to know how do I should in this case? In Navision Attain when I create purhase order and received the item I must post purchase order to Receipt and Invoice to be normal,which it can not only post invoice. Thank you very mush for any help.

Hi, Why not using Purchase Invoice to post the Expenses and Services instead of Purchase Order.

Hi Rajesh, I can not use purchase invoice for this case because my system the purchase will pass from the purchase department,Which the purchase everything for the organize must create the purchase order by this department, for example, the goods, the expense and service,and so on.If I use purchase invoice then I can not create the purchase order, because I understans for using purchase invoice when I received vendor invoice I will make the transaction in this.But I want to any order must have approved before send to the vendor. How do you have comment for this case? Thank you very mush for any help.