OrderedReservation even when "Reserve ordered items" off


We want to stop all the OrderedReservations in our AX 2012 R3 system.

The InventParameters.ReserveOnOrdered (Reserve ordered items) seems to be the system parameter to control this, and we now have this off.

This seems to be working for the majority, however, we are still finding Ordered Reservations occurring where items are Marked to Transfers or Production orders.

The culprit area seems to be in Class: InventUpd_Estimated - Line 211

If (movement.mustReserveBasedOnMarkingOnCreation)

This method is coded to always return true, hence it always reserves, even OrderedReserves, even though we have the InventParameter turned off.

I just want to determine:

  1. Is this standard AX behaviour, to still reserve ordered when parameter off?

  2. Is there another setting potentially required, though current method code returning true?

Just wondering if there is a way to stop using OrderedReservation, when we still want to utilise “Standard” marking.

Any info appreciated.