order tracking policy

In the Item card there is a field Order Tracking Policy. The different option available are None, Tracking only and Tracking and action message. Can anyone explain how does this functionality works and also in practical scenario how this functionality will help the end user. Regards Abhay

Hi Abhay With order tracking in place you can find the relationship between supply and demand.

Steven, I do agree with you that with order tracking one can track relationship between demand and supply. Can you explain how it is done on the system. Abhay

Hi Abhay I will presume you do not want me to explain how the code works to tie supply to demand and rather how order tracking works [:D] If you are in the planning worksheet and generate a requirement it maybe this has demand at lower levels that is not catered for. In these instances, as a planning shortcut, you could use get action messages and it will bring forward these requirements rather than running a full MRP again, it is not intended as a replacement for MRP, just a method of convenience. So the immediate impact of schedule changes can be seen by the planner.

Here we are talking about demand and supply. Whether production forecast is a part of demand. If yes than in Get action message the data entered in production forecast screen does not throw data. It only throws data if there is a sales order. If Production forecast is not considered in get action message what can be the reason.

Hi Abhay The Get Action Message function is supposed to be a short cut to see the demand at lower levels from result MRP/MPS runs. By the very nature of the forecast these are at the modular level of the MPS. Forecasts would be handled through the MRP and standard MPS runs, with action messages being processed on the components. You could make a case for arguing the set-up in this manner - forecasting everything and then not running MRP/MPS and just using the get action messages function but I think as the forecast is supposed to be at a top level (I am sure I have read that somewhere[:)]) and the action messages for lower levels you are trying to gain functionality where in all probability there is none. I have not tried to set this up in any way, or run through different scenarios, but feel free to try, and you could always log the question of functionality back through your NTR if it is something you think should work or you desire (I am assuming of course that you cannot get it to work).