Order Tracking Policy

Hi, Can somebody explain me the use of the order tracking policy field on the item card ? When I set this to none, and put the reserve fields on the item card and customer to none, define the item as MTS… and I make a Sales Order for the Item and run a regenerative plan, I get a line on my planning worksheet … with order tracking. Even reservation is implemented on the SO. Is the MPS/MRP run always invoking tracking and reservation by definition ? If so, what is the functionality of setting order tracking to none on the item card ? BTW: I’m using 3.01 Thanks, Gunther

Hi Gunther I claim to be no expert, but the tracking and reservation functionalty is intrinsical to the relationship of supply and demand in Navision. This can be seen when the production order is produced directly from the sales order, or when any planning routine is run, as the lower dependants need to be aware of the initial requirements to calculate the replenishments. I believe the functionality of the tracking lies outside of the planning routines. If you link a sales order to a production order and and then alter the parameters of either (ie quantity or ship/finish date) then Navision will either track the change, and flag a replanning flag, or will issue a message telling you of the need for replanning. The planning routines, when re-run, automatically track the changes and suggest replanning, so I suppose the tracking flag acts as a replanning mechanism when either no planning tool is used, or as an early indicator for replanning when one is used. On the OE interface to Production orders there is a set of criteria for generating the messages - I will write them out if you are that interested! [:D]

thanks Steven, does it show I’m trying to prepare for the exam ? gunther

Hi Gunther Remember that there could be a fundamental difference between what the software “should” do according to the manuals and help and what it “actually” does. The exam will expect the “should” answer! [:o)] say no more!