order to cash process

Hi can any one explain this scenario in navision plz tell me in detail plllllllllllz

I have 2 rawmaterials from which i create one item

So how to create the sales order for the item

how to create purchase order for the rawmaterials

and creation of warehouse receipt and

how to create production order

And i will be thankful if anyone tell me the process in detail

iam explaining my requirement in simple:

manufacturing an item from 2 items and send it to inventory i think this is not as simple as i ask but plz tell me the detailed steps in navision Thank you

if you know this little I advise you to get some training.

In response to the steps they are all very simple, and fairly straightforward at a base level (ignoring WMS). So what do you not understand about creating these base documents. You hit F3, define the customer, item and quantity for sales order. You hit F3, define the vendor, item and quantity for the purchase order. You hit F3 define teh item and quantity for the production order. To receive the goods in you press post, to complete the production you post the production journal and to shop the goods you select post.

see the answer u gave me is incomplete i think

After production journal where will be the goods how to move the goods to inventory from the production place

Also u dint use any BOM then wats the use of BOM’s

Please answer me

You need to walk before you can run, and at the moment you are walking blind.

I did not move the goods to the inventory from the production place because in the majority of implementations I do the planning engine drives the supply demand balance on a warehouse, so I would make to the warehouse the sales are required to be shipped out of. The moment I post the production journal it books it into the warehouse, perhaps I have a routing step to move it, it depends on the business, but I do not know anywhere where it is booked in and then moved, unless it is WMS - but in lots and lots of implementations I have never had to do that yet.

I used my BOM in the production journal, this posts consumption and output. You never stated a question on setup.

Is my answer incomplete? Yes it is, but your question is so broad it could never be complete. I could ask you a thousand questions back, but that kind of defeats the object.

You CANNOT learn base NAV here. You can try, you can certainly enhance base knowledge, but if you have no understanding of the system or the concepts you are going to srtuggle like hell.

Get some training, then come back.

If you are an end user get it from a partner, if you are a partner, get the training. If you are someone else - what are you trying to achieve?

See veda vyas

when you are asking about the questions u should be specific .

U should have patience.

If u write the specific questions then any person can give the proper answer.

Here the question what u are asking is in simple way u want to know total Navision process.

It is not possible to exaplain that thing.

Already Our Sir Steven sir explained a lot about that .

So better to go through manuals and or take training what Mr. Adam roué advised.

Thank u for your suggestion and sorry if i hurt u

You did not hurt me at all. Also please do not take offense, the suggestion of training was made with your best interests at heart, you will get continually frustrated trying to learn the software through a forum of this type. These forums can assist with questions, setups, issues, advice, ideas - but groud up training is not what it does.

Have you read David Singletons online book - this would be a good start for you. I will post the link when I find it.


Thank you for your concern i have become ur fan for ur kindness once again thanks

it’s better you get some basis navision knowledge before you ask you question, it’s hard to explain how is the basis navision process in this forum