Order status

We have a problem with the order status. Some orders have been shipped and invoiced partially. The order status field on the order is “Shipped Complete”. When we reopen the order and then release it, the order status is refreshed to “Shipped partial”. Has anyone a solution to this bug ?

Eric, did you find a solution and/or workaround? If not, can somebody please suggest one. cheers, Matt.

We also have this problem and where told that this bug would be fixed in release version 2.60E. Unfortuately this did not happen and would also like to know if and when this problem will be fixed. Derek Brown

Have discovered the problem with the status of sale orders. It seems that when the last line on the sales order is shipped the code assumes that all the order is completed and so the status is changed to “ship complete”. There is now a fix for this problem in Release version 2.6F. Derek Brown