Order Promising-Planning Lines

Hi, When you run the CTP Order Promising functionality and click the accept button to accrpt the earliest shipment date, system inserts the shipment date. However, simultaneously creates the planning lines on the planning worksheet assigned in Order Promising set up. Our requirement is to calculate only the earliest shipment date and not the planning lines. How to stop the system from creating the planning lines during order promising activity? Thanks in advance. Vijay

Hi Vijay So you want to promise something and then not make it? You will need to edit the code to stop this happening, or perhaps push it to a worksheet and then delete the contents of the worksheet if this was something you wanted to do.

Hi Steven, Thanks for the reply. The requirement is: The sales department will run the Order Promising functionality to assign the realistic due date to the sales order. Another, department-Design or Engineering- will plan for the material and create the production order by running Planning functionality from the sales order. That is why the requirement only for the Possible shipment date. Thanks again. Vijay

Hi Vijay The idea behind this is an integrated flow - sales see what is capable, tell the customer and then manufaturing follow the provided dates. If you need to split the manufaccturing side you will need to modify the system - but with obvious regard given to promising the customer one date and working to a different one.