Order Planning - Planning demand for Items in a BOM which is within another BOM-

Hi all,

I have this article which contains a BOM within its BOM. This article is anticoolant. The main BOM is a bottle ,a lit a label and the mixing, the mixing is also a BOM , a BOM made of water , parfum and alcohol.

So when I start the order planning, the system will obviously tell me in case any item is missing that I need to order it ( that is for the lit, bottle and label) or to produce it ( this is for the mixing) .

In case I dont have the mixing in stock , Navision will let me know that I have to produce it , then I´ll have to start a production order for producing the mixing , and the system will check again -in order planning- if all materials that make up this mixing ( water, alcohol and parfume) are in stock.

My question is: in case I want to produce a bottle of anticoolant and the only item missing is alcohol, can the system tell me right away that I need first to order alcohol in order to produce the mixing? instead of telling me that I need to produce the mixing, and then telling me that in order to do so I need to order alcohol?

Thanks in advance