Order dates and Job change

I have 2 questions: 1. Will MRP system advise that a customer order will not be produced? Can order dates be adjusted on the fly? How??? 2. Is there any advice from the system for swapping raw materials from one job to another? Thanks Tatiana

Hi Tatiana The system will tell you in a variety of ways, so it depends upon your circumstances. If you load a sales order with a requested delivery date of today and it takes you three weeks to manufacture it, the replenishment order will have a start date of three weeks ago. There are many ways of finding this information, it depends upon particular circumstances. To adjust the manufacturing orders or sales orders you can alter the dates on the orders - then the planning, through item tracking, or worksheet regeneration will inform you that your picture has altered, depending upon what has been changed. You will get production shortage reports. Additionally you can investigate reservations and demand from the item card, if you are using reservations. Again it depends upon your requirements. I presume if this is swapping due to unforseen shortages the system is being adjusted to reflect the correct stock so this does not happen again?