Oracle permissions for AX 2009


I did read the manual for installing AX 2009 on Oracle and I don’t understand it.

Manual talks like about 3 accounts. For administrator account it says it must connect externally, but does not say what grants to give, for service account it says to grant create user, procedure and select any dictionary privileges (why create user?) and for user account it basically asks for dba grants (including create user privilege!)

So could someone say, if we have 1 Oracle instance

  1. How many users we have to create for installing?

  2. How many of this users need to identified externally ?

  3. What permissions do this users need to have (in general, I can revoke the permissions after install)?

  4. How many users we have to have after installing?

  5. What permissions are really needed, for users, after installing?

I strongly advise you to switch to MS SQL as there are always issues with Oracle. I don’t think Oracle will be supported for DAX 2012.

For MS SQL we would need to buy the software, find some servers for them and get/appoint 2 MS SQL DBAs ( we have almost zero experience with MS SQL) etc. In short: thats an alternative if AX 2009 wont work with Oracle. Second alternative in this case would be to find some software that does work with Oracle and drop AX.

But AX 2009 does work and so my question is whats the best practice with Oracle users-permissions?


Regrettably other than the information provided in installation guide, I have not come across any meaningful pointers on installing DAX 2009 with Oracle backend. Perhaps you may want to raise a support ticket with MS directly.

And Oracle is definitely not supported in DAX 2012.

Also only Oracle 10g R2 is supported with DAX 2009.