Oracle and ClusterIndex?

Hi I have Axapta 3.0SP3 running on Oracle (unfortunately I only have MSSQL experience and no Oracle). I know how Axapta creates an index if it is set in the property “ClusterIndex” on the table (Flag “grouped” on index is set to yes in MSSQL) and what the cluster means (organizing the data in the table physically on the disk according that index). Now: what happens with Oracle? I have read on several pages that there is nothing like a clustered index in Oracle. There seems to be something like “Index Organized Tables” but I do not know how to see that in enterprise manager. Question: if Axapta is running against Oracle 9, is there any action by the Axapta kernel or will it simply not take care of it? How can I check it and where can I see the Index Organized table?

Hi I have tried out making a table and creating a clustered index. But pyhsically in the oracle db there is no difference to a normal index It seems that it is ignored. Oracle also has the possibility to create clusters, but i think it is not completely the same like in mssql.