Or Navision Coding to post value from purchase invoice line to GL Entry Table

Hi all,

I want to post value from purchase line table to GL Entry table like in current scenario BCD , BED, Custome ECess & Custom SheCess values are posting to one GL code but i want to post BED amount in separate GL in GL Entry table so i created one new field in “Excise Posting Setup” table to mention BED GL. Then i check codeunit 12 & 90 but unable to find code that is posting sum of above four duties into one GL in GL Entry table… So pls tell me which table’s codeunit & codes i need to modify to separate and post the BED amount in Separate GL.

Or if i m wrong then suggest me right way through which i can post bed amount in separate GL.



You need to modify codeunit 12 to add a function to write the transaction to the Gen. journal and then post it along with standard NAV posting process. Out of the box what you are looking for is just not available. You will have to put some conditions and in the General posting setup create new G/L accounts and then use those G/L accounts based on condition and then post via journals.