Optional parameter in a method

I’m interfacing AX with Excel and I found a problem in parameters in some method.

Trying to duplicate a worksheet in the same workbook open, I want to put the new one after the old one.

The sintax in VB is worksheet.copy(after, before). You can put only one of the parameter, of course. If you put no parameter, the new worksheet is copied into a new workbook.

in VB you can do: newWS = existingworksheet.copy before:=existingworksheet

in C# you can do: newWS = existingworksheet.copy(missing, existingworksheet)

in X++ if you do newWS = worksheet.copy(existingworksheet) it understand you have filled the ‘after’ parameter and puts the new one after and not before the first. But I want to fill the second parameter, not the first one! No way using missing, null, empty string, empty COM…

Anyway, I’ve solved making first the copy and after the move to correct the order of worksheet, but I’m curious about a much simple way to do the same, in other words: It’s possible in X++ to have optional parameters non at the end of a list of parameters and, if it’s true, how to signal to X++ that the parameter is missing?

Ok, I response by myself with a NO.