i have this code :

ShowType = ShowType::“Sales (LCY)”

but when i compile, i have this error:

YOU CAN NOT ENTER ‘Sales (LCY)’ in Option.

I need a help.


You have not mention the version of Na vision you are using ?

IS Sales (LCY)’ is defined as option in ShowType varialbe/field ??/

the version of Na Vision is : Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic

haw can i define Sales (LCY) as option in showType??

thanks for answer. :smiley:

So you created a new field type option & the name of this field is “Showtype” correct???

Other than “Sales (LCY)” what are the other options for this field?

Perhaps nav notices that as a uder field name - did you try just adjusting “Sales (LCY)” to “Sale-LCY” just to see if that make a difference?

I tried to adjust "Sales (LCY) to Sale-LCY so the message changed to:

"you have specified an unknown variable


Define the variable under ‘Global C/AL symbols’. "

OK, so you’ve defined ShowType, Data Type is Option. What Savatage and Amol are asking you for is the value you have assigned to the property called OptionString. When you create a field or variable of the Option data type, you also need to define the list of elements that constitute the options that the user or system may select from. If you select the field or variable ShowType in Object Designer, then from the menu select View | Properties, you’ll be able to see all of the properties associated with ShowType. One of the properties will be OptionString. It should be set to a list of comma-delimited values. We’re asking you what are the values for your ShowType variable?

thanks a lot,

the problem is resolved.