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I am new to CAL and Nav Programming. I have a command button and two option buttons. I have created two global variables of boolean to trap my selection of the option button. I have put the variable in the property for SourceExpr for each corresponding global. What I don’t get is when I run my form, and I select one of the two radio buttons, it never fills in the radio button with a check or should I say fills in the circle with black as selected on either? Am I missing something here? and What I essentially want to do is that when you press the command button, I want it to MsgBox what radio button is selected? Is this hard? Seems easy in .net.

thank you [:P]

You see, I got it to work but two problems:

  1. It never fills in the button to indicate which of the two is selected ( I guess basically looking for group box functionality one or another but not both can be true)

  2. It seems to stay true once you click the option button and can never be false again.

thank you

Actually I think I know what to do.

Instead of two globals, I’ll use one, and not two booleans… one text if you click on the the first radio button set global text to that radio button name and if click on second radio, set to that name, in the command button check what it is and then hard code the true and false.

But the most important question still is:

why does the option button not shade in the circle? [:(]

I usually create a Variable Type Option. View The properties & Enter the OptionString

For this example lest say Variable is “vDocumentType” and the Option String is “Order,Credit Memo”

I add Two Option Buttons to my Form or report.
View The Properties of the First One
-the SourceExp = vDocumentType
-the OptionValue = Order

The Properties of the Second One
-the SourceExp = vDocumentType
-the OptionValue = Credit Memo

That’s the basics of how it should work

Thank you sir!

Thank you sir!