Option button in a table


For my master table, I wanted to have a field works like an “option button” on the form. In which, only one value could assigned to the records as a default. When this particular field is checked, the system will take that code as a default value when printing the reports. Will it be possible?

Any better solution?


yes possible.

what problem are you facing?

What data type should I use? Will it require lots of programming codes?

Please explain more detail if it possible.



Your question is too vague to follow 100% what you are actually trying to achieve.

If you need to set a true of false (in other words 2 options) a boolean will be good.

If you need more than two options you can use TYPE option. Note type option can also be used if you have two choices.

depends on what you are trying to do.

For example in the item table is a field called “Requisition System” (5419) it’s choices are Purchase,Prod. Order, (see it’s properties) It’s not seen as two button choices on the form but it could. Are you not sure how to set up Option Button?

(example) So set it up you add two option buttons to the form or how ever many options your field has. I will use field 5419 as an example with two options.

On the first button view properites give it a caption Name -ReqSystem-Purchase
OptionValue = Purchase
SourceExp = “Requisition System”

On the Second button view properties give it a caption name - ReqSystem-Prod. Order
OptionValue = Prod. Order
SourceExp = “Requisition System”


Thank you Harry!