Optimizing to much memory NF260B

Give me a break We have had problems concerning 100% CPU usage not knowing what was wrong, tried everything. We came down to reduzing DBMS to way below what is recommended for the number of users etc. etc.etc…It works !! Everything is running smoothly, is seems that all data has been held in cache lovering performance. Have any of you experienced this, or have you any comments !!!

This is a common and well documented problem - yet to be fixed. Search this forum for the text ‘100% cpu’ and you will get a number of previous posts. The last few posts (note runs to 2 pages) of this entry explain the basics - http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?whichpage=2&Forum_Title=Attain%2FFinancials+-+Technical+Forum&Topic_Title=Navision+Financials+Server+at+100%+CPU+Usage%3F&CAT_ID=3&FORUM_ID=6&TOPIC_ID=2241 NB: You will need to join the URL back up locally)

Yes. I’ve seen the same thing at one customers site. I think the problem was NT swapping pages to disk containing data från Navisions cache. After leaving 250Mb RAM (!) to NT it has been running smootlhy. I think the trick is to prevent NT from swapping memory pages to disk. //Lars