Hello Whats exactly to the Programm when i use optimize an specials Tabel, okay i can see that the % qoute goes better , but … Could i use this funktion every time i what (not all 5 Minutes), or must all Useres Locked out ? When start the prozess, can there be some Rekords lost ? Sorry for this stupied questions, but the Help File give me not my answers i am looking for :slight_smile: ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert

Briefly… Optimize for tables works much like Defrag in windows. That is, it will more effecient and effectively store the records in the table against each enabled key. It will free up some space and improve processing time. It will not lock users during the optimization. However, it will slow the network access to the database if you are performing optimize on much larger tables (e.g. Ledger Entries). Records will not be lost. It is safe to perform and should be considered. Regards.

When You optimize tables You’ll find that You probably get better read performance but loose write performance since there are fewer places for You HDD’s to write data, and therefore the disk arms will have to move over bigger areas of the disk berore finding free space to put the data in. You should only optimize if You have problem with disk space. Otherwise don’t.