optimization of the project teams

hi there we had a little discussion inside our navision department about how should the available consultants and developers should be assigned to projects. the goal is to have as much projects ongoing simultaneuosly without extending the implementation duration and cost. There where two approaches to this issue: - we should assign to each project a core of two-three senior consultant and developers and let the other resources floating around the projects, available for picking when there are needed in one project or another, without being formally allocated to any particular project - we should define and maintain a complete project team for each project and avoid switching people between projects no matter what It is a tough problem because if we choose the first approach we will have a much better resource allocation, but we will face the risk of not having the needed people exactly when they are most needed. Also, the additional consultants or developers will have to get to know the details of the project before they will be of any help and this time must be taken into consideration. On the other side, if we will assign people to projects from the very beginning, we will have unavoidably periods of time when either some consultants or some developers will have very little to do. Also, this means that the department will be able to sustain only as much projects as the total number of consultants divided by the number of consultants usually assigned to a project. I must say that all the future projects appear to be large ones, both from the duration and complexity points of view and we need to take a decision fast in order to remain competitive in the market. Therefore, I’ve decided to make an appeal to your experience and to ask you what do you think It will be the more efficient approach. Any suggestion will be welcomed and if you could point some other available resources for documentation on this matter I will be very happy Thank you