OPOS receipt printing in Windows 7 64bit LS Retail

There has been a number of discussions about NAV/LS Retail and Windows 64bit, but can’t find the answer to a specific question;

I have a Windows 7 64bit machine running NAV CSIDE 5.01 and LS Retail Toolbox. Installed is a Star TSP743II receipt printer (with 64bit driver, and tests successfully via the STAR printer utilities) and is seen as a registered object.

Settings within the hardware options in LS Retail/CSIDE can see the register printer as an object

When LS Retail POS is started it doesn’t see the receipt printer. It work via XP, and all 32bit versions of Windows, but not 64bit

any ideas?


You need to installed new updated version of tool box the 5.0 version is not compatible to 64bit.