Opinion about design decisions regarding standard objects


I’m just a bit curious to how other developers reason about modifications in standard NAV. For example let’s say that we select sales orders that are beeing processed for picking. One way would be to simply add a boolean to table 36 and call it “Beeing picked”, another solution would be to add a new table which would hold all orders that were beeing picked and perhaps have a flowfield to lookup if a particular sales order is beeing picked. Personally I have the opinion that a new table is a “cleaner” solution. Another example is table 91 where I always see alot of booleans added.

Another example is the item table in NAV. Let’s say you would like to handle warranty items in NAV, one way could be to have a boolean on the Item Card to identify the item as a warranty item. Another solution would be to have a table which contains all items which are warranty items.

What are your opion about the pros and cons?

Rather than customization in first place, first go for the add-on’s and check them.

Hi Peter,

Customization of standard object is always depend on the requirement and developer always try to find out some standard feature available on Standard Navision with the help of application specialist and they will tweet the system as per requirement.

Now looking forward to your requirement I would like to know which version of Navision you are using ?and are you using Warehouse functionality of Navision.??

As well as you have to look at your license whether it is Advance Management or Business Essentials ?