Operations Scheduling

When taking the status of production run from estimate to schedule the operation there are a number of choices. Backward from delivery date, forward from today etc etc.

Can anyone provide me with definitions of these choices and what they mean? Or where I can find defintions?

Thanks all

They are all pretty self-explanatory so backward from the delivery date looks at when you need it and schedules the route backwards to give you a start date, the forward from today takes today as the start date and schedules the route forward to get a delivery date based upon the time to make. Are there any others you would like an explanation on or you have an issue with?

Thanks for the reply. In our system we have the option for a different selection of scheduling direction types.

Do you have the defintion for the following: -

Forward from planned start

Forward from scheduling date

Backward from delivery date

Backward from planned end

Backward from scheduling date

Backward from action date

Backward from futures date

As last scheduling

Forward from tomorrow

Forward from previous job

Backward from previous job

I know some seem self explanatory but I have fallen into this trap before with AX 2012 - some times things aren’t what you think they were!! So thought I’d ask an expert for the actual answers.

Thank you again.

All are as you would expect from the description in my opinion. I have not hit any issues, if you have ask that one, but for me they work as prescribed each time I have used them.

OK thank you, I will assume they are as described and ask a question if I come accross an issue.