Operation scheduling

Hello everybody, I have a situation where I’m running master scheduling, and I have configured the system to plan for capacity also for planned orders, my default method is Operation scheduling.

I have a Resource group EM01 which has 5 resources, each one has 18hs of capacity per day, the whole group would be 90hs/day (18hs * 5 resources).

I have entered a sales order for an item, requirement date Jun-15, the quantity based on the route will consume a whole day of EM01 operation, working with the 5 resources.

When running master planning, it is showing in the capacity load for the group, that only 18hs are used per day from today Jun-11, as if I was going to use only one resource per day, on Jun-15 I will be used the 90hs and have the production finished. But I want to see, that the whole production is made on one day, using full capacity on Jun-14.

What should I do to achieve this?


Maybe this can clarify a little

This is what I get when changed from Operations scheduling to Job scheduling.

As the 5 resources give me a total of 90 hours/day, I would expect when master planning is run to see:

Date 6/14/2013 (as the sales order is for 6/15)
Resource IS01 18hs From 4:30am to 10:30pm
Resource IS02 18hs From 4:30am to 10:30pm
Resource IS03 18hs From 4:30am to 10:30pm
Resource IS04 18hs From 4:30am to 10:30pm
Resource IS05 18hs From 4:30am to 10:30pm

I also don’t understand why resource IS02 started on 6/12 at 1:30pm and the next day it started at 4:30am, why didn’t it started at the same time that IS01 the previous days? I have no other production orders/sales orders/min-max requirements, etc, this is my only demand in the system.

I presume the routing is to a group containing IS01-0S05?

How is finite set for capacity scheduling (especially on the run itself)?

Do the jobs have the same routing?

What happens when you job schedule?

Hello Adamroue,

Yes the routing is to a group containing IS01-IS05

I don’t know if I understood your question. I have finite capacity.

Yes the jobs have the same routing.

When I job schedule a planned production order, for a quantiy that should take 1 day, with all the resources of a resources group working at full capacity the whole day, I see that capacity is consumed only by one of the resources, so three days are used, although I can see in the capacty profile graphic that I still have the hours of the other resources free to use.

You have two planned orders on the same resource at the same time - you cannot have finite scheduling. Check the resource AND on the general tab of the operation scheduling (and ensure your defaults are set)

Thanks AdamRoue, I will be modeling again.