Operation Scheduling in AX

Hi Guys,

I want to clarify the concept about operation scheduling in AX.


I have one resource group, RG

And RG consist of 2 resource, which is : RG01 and RG02 and have 8 hour working time per day for each resource

I have an item that have capacity 1 hour for 100 pcs in route

If I have sales order 2000 pcs for that item and then I run operation scheduling

My expectation is system will booked (reserve) capacity 2 day only.

16 hours in first day

4 hours in second day

Is that true?

Because in my testing, I’ve got 3 days

8 hours in first day

8 hours in second day

4 hours in third day

FYI. I’ve setup related operation scheduling. In Route, in Resource Group/Resource, In Operation Scheduling default value, In Plan Setup



Set the resources required in the route to 2 to also use RG02 and give you the answer you require

Which version are you on?

2012 R3

And what happened when you set the resources required to 2? :slight_smile:

the result is ok, system will split onto that 2 resource

i just wonder why system not try to fulfill and spread to another free resource on that group without notice it first in resource qty on the route setup

if we need to setup it first, so if we have 10 resource, but we just put 2 on resource qty in route setup, system will always only choose 2 resource for that requirement

The system will not fulfill it unless you have told it. In your example you had a group of machines with 2 machines, you told the system it could only use 1, so it only used one and scheduled to one. It does not know to “spread” it because you defined the resources of the group to be used as 1 :slight_smile:

Yes you are correct, if you have 10 and tell it to use 2 it will only use 2, the 2 that are free (depending upon your finite configuration). It will not know to use 10, unless you tell it to use all 10, but then this may not be a feasible option on the factory floor for many reasons.

Yes you right, not feasible option on the factory floor for many reason

I thought operation scheduling will act different with job scheduling, not only just start time-end time

so workaround is needed for splitting to another resource, and max order setup could be consider as an option