"Operation number ##, Primary has not been reported as finished." error

Dear all:

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When I try to report production order as finished , the system display the following message:

“Operation number 1, Primary has not been reported as finished.”

“Operation number 2, Primary has not been reported as finished.”

etc …

I use route for the production , the route contains 82 operation because I use the “Cost category” to represent to the manufacturing overhead costs and the message above displayed 82 times , how can I ignore this message and complete the RAF for the production order?

Many thanks in advance.

Why have you not posted the route? If you did why was the end mark route not ticked? To RAF without this you use the “Accept Error” tick box on the RAF screen.

Thanks Adamroue for the reply , you are right , I post the route card journal automatically when posting the picking list journal but without enable the “End mark route” check box , please explain to me the purpose of this check box , if I don’t enable it , can this affect the cost of the produced item because I use the quantity category of route operations to represent the manufacturing overheads.

Thank you very very much.


the flag has no impact on costs.

if not set your are telling the system there are more routing posts to be made, why are you not ticking it if auto posting, as you are not capturing actuals, posting standard but saying there is more to come.