Operation layer- ax2009

Hi Friends,

What is Operation layer??? When we used Operation Layer.


Usually we use the layer functionaltity if we have different accounting rules in one company. e.g. USGAAP and IFRS, or USGAAP and local law. Then we can separate postings by using the layers and get different balance sheets and P&L reports.

Current layer is used for external reporting purpose. That means, transactions in Current layer are used to prepare reports to be submitted to outside authorities, for example: Balance sheet, P&L will have effect of transactions only in Current layer. That means all transactions should be part of Current layer by default.

Operations layer is used for internal reporting purpose & tax layer is used for special taxation requirements.

Posting layer can be seleted on Journal level. Financial statements can be prepared for any layer as per need. Say if it for internal reporting, we can prepare financial statement for operations layer.

Operations layer once again. Report for operations layer will include transactions of Current layer by default. If you want transactions of Only Operations layer in report, you need to select Posting layer = “Only operations”.

e.g. For inquiry of balances in Operations layer for ledger accounts in COA, Go to COA → Balance → Setup, select Posting Layer = “Operations” & click ok. It will show you Ledger account balances for Current + Operations layer.