Operation is Job Work and Manual

Dear All,

If i have series of operation let say : -

OPR #1

OPR #2

OPR #3 (Manual)

OPR #4

OPR #5

OPR #6 (Job work)

Now how can i define and attach the above operations to a route. Please note the operation 6 is outsourced and operation 3 is manual.

Can any one help me in giving the steps to carry out such list of operations.

Thanks in advance.


Lets reverse the question - when you create these as six operations in a route where does it not work for you?

The issue is resolved sir…

Would you like to explain further for the benefit of other users reading the post and then mark your own solution as verified?

Sure Sir…

The last operation was defined as an outsourced operation: -

  1. Create a new work center group and work center of “Vendor Type” and define the vendor associated for the work center job work.

  2. While creating operation, assign a different work center to last operation with work center of Vendor type.

  3. Also make the route type for it as a Vendor.