Operation from Command Line

Hi everyone,

I have a question that I came to know from an exam. I can’t figure out the answer.

How can you Test the Database from command prompt so that you can
be able to test the Secondary keys & relationship with primary key?

Please help me on this.

hotcopy.exe (which you may find if you install Database Server) can, besides copy of db, do db test.

but, I think that this only works on native dbs…

The answer here is to start the server.exe (refers only to native db) via commandline using the parameters dbtest {min|normal|max} and testtarget {@screen|@eventlog|filepath}. For details please refer to the “Installation & System Management” document.

I found that you can use fin.exe to do the same, in the very same document…

But, I didn’t find that you can use Server.exe in this manner… just Hotcopy.exe

Yes, sure not server.exe but fin.exe. Sorry, I was a little bit confused … [*-)]

Yes! Using fin.exe, it is working perfectly well from command prompt. Thank you both for helping so much!!!