Operation for Route


If there is an operation, for example, Assembly, but there is labor as well as machine involved together. For example, I need worker to operate the machine. Do I need to set up two operations, one is worker-assembly, the other is machine-assembly?



Its depends, if you want to add on same operation add the worker or you can create one more new operation and make separate.


In the route, for the operation Assembly; define the Resource requirements for Machine and Human resources.

Requirement type= Resource type, Requirement= Machine

Requirement type= Resource type, Requirement= Human resources.

You can also create Resources of various type like Machine, Human resources etc… and assign them to the route using Requirement type= Resource.

It depends, but you could account for labour cost in the quantity category, or costing sheet, or setup secondary operations etc.

Will that impact how I set up the operation?

“Labour cost in the quantity category” and “Costing sheet” - means I just need to follow Kiran’s suggestion to set up a combined labour and machine operation?

“Secondary operations” - I need to set up another secondary operation just for labour resource, right?

Well it depends, I was giving options. Look at the options of the cost categories and the costing sheet - yes you can follow Kirans suggestion. Yes the secondary operation would be for labour, but you would need to test this.