Operation completed on route card journal


I would like to know what the “Operation completed” ticked box is used for. Is there any financial impact if I tick/untick this when posting the route card journal?


If you untick it on RAF the system will tell you not all operations are complete, there is no financial impact but there is a processing one, you need to tell the system the operation is ended.

Not as standard no in teh same way as the picking list. You can pick the picking list by operation, but it wants to start the route all in one to set all capcity the came. If you chose to start production on an operation range it limits the start, so you now have to start the next operation by going through the update. So to continue you need to go to the update button and run teh start for operation 2 because you have told it only to start operation 1.

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Dear Adamroue:

If the user don’t end the operations and end the production order , can this affect the production order raw material consumption and report as finished quantity? Also can I continue the remaining operations after the end of the production order?


You can do nothing after the order has ended, this is a very critical concept to grasp.

Not ending production can impact on raw material consumption depending upon your configuration, but of course it may not, the finished quantity check on last operation and RAF will not be performed so you have to accept the error.