Operating system error 183

Hello all, Has anybody ever experienced the following strange behaviour: When the Navision client (2.60) is started on the server machine, an error message appears: “The operating system has returned error 183: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.” The client then comes up, and when the database is being opened in the Database->Open menu (as a remote DB, not the local database file), Navision returns the error (from German): “You cannot execute this function while other users are accessing the database”. A while later, everything worked fine again. Any ideas???

Hi, Kindly Check in the Task Manager ( by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL) keys together. If task manager is showing slave.exe running. Kindly end(kill) this program and then open the database it will work fine. Some time it is not killed by windows (takes some time to kill the program) as soon as navision closed or encountered such problem.

Thanks Rajesh! The next time this error occurs, we will check this. [:D]


I faced this problem and in the Task Manager, there is no SLAVE.EXE running.

Any other idea?

Hi Rajeshj

Your the star man - been haughted by this error for an age and your solution worked A1 for me - other than rebooting no other suggestion seemed to work - including getting rid of the MS temporary files!

With thanks


Amazing that these old posts are still valid!
Just had the same problem on NAV 4.0 Sp3 (App version Attain 3.01) and although SLAVE.EXE doesn’t show up on my Windows 10, then logging in and out did solve it.