operate multiple master plan strategy simultaneously

Hi All,

In the Master planning, how can i operate a multiple master plan strategy simultaneously. Is there any back end setup or procedure please share.



What is driving the multiple plan strategy? Simply put you have multiple plans and switch between them.

Hi adem,

no thats not like that, if i wanted to use more than one master plan what is the procedure? is it possible to use more than one.



You create and run multiple plans, then to view the results of them you switch between them in the same screens using the plan button.

You however did not answer my question and say why you wanted this.

hi adem,

that is ok… but how to set this multiple plans, any back end setup or any procedure to set this multiple plan strategy. please explain.


Master Planning - Setup - Plans - Master Plans, but if you do not know this then you know very little about the module as this is setup 101 [:D]