Opening Transaction Process issue -Opening balance of next year getting added up each time the process runs

Hi All,

I am running into an issue where if the opening transactions process is run more than once via General ledger->Periodic for a given year, the closing amount gets added to the opening balance of the next year each time the process is run. I am on 2012 R3 CU10. The parameter in GL parameters i.e. Delete close of year transactions during transfer is also checked. I found one LCS solution i.e. solution 1683098 (LCS for MS Dynamics AX R2) for opening transaction process where they provided a mitigation to run the Reset process first then run the Opening transaction process. I tried this as well but the issue still persists. to rule out issue with the historical data, I created and posted a new GL to completely new fiscal year and tried closing / transferring it to another year. The issue occurred in this scenario as well. and last, to rule out any issue due to any customization, I completely removed all the customizations from LedgerTransferOpening class, and the issue is still appearing.

Does anyone has any idea what could be wrong or what direction should I look further or if its a known product issue?