Opening Stock

Hi, I need advice on how to enter opening stock qty. The customer will go live at the end of the month and will enter theri G/L balances including value on the accounts for stock. They will also need to eneter stock qty¨s. The right way to do that is (I suppose) to enter positive adjustement in item journal. However, every entry in the stock will create corresponding entries in G/L journal, which will result in wrong values in G/L. Is there a smart way or work arround to enter opening stock qty¨s without creating G/L transactions. Regards Draggan

The way Navision suggested to do this back in version 2 manuals, is to set your Inventory adjustment account in the General Posting setup to the same Inventory account as in your Inventory setup. (balance sheet account). When you do this your subsidiary Item ledger is populated with the Item Ledger entries and your Inventory account in the GL balances to zero. You then post the opening balances to your balance sheet and profit and loss via opening general journals.