Opening Stock entries with Warehousing

Hi I need to enter openign stock balances … I can do this with a positive item journal but that wont effect my zones and bins for the location. I cant see anywhere in warehousing to enter the balances… Any ideas? Thanks[8D]

Hi Fleur If your locations and zones are set up Inventory transactions done correctly will require the WMS processing, put-aways etc. I think [:D]

You will need to do a post from your warehouse journals, as the entries that are made by the Item Journal only will affect the Adjustment Bin.

Can the Physical Inventory cycle counting journal be used? DD

To possitive adjustements with correct Location code in the item jouranal

Hi There. I am also looking for a solution to this conundrum. We need to post opening stock balances on Inventory and Warehouse Management. Does anyone have experience of completing this trival task successfully? Your help is greatly appreciated.

  1. Go to the Warehouse Mgmt menu. 2) Select Periodic Activities and then choose Whs. Phys. Invt. Journal. 3) Select Functions / Calculate Inventory and this will populate all inventory included in bins. This is making the assumption that you have already setup the bins with the corresponding items in the bins. 4) Input the appropriate amounts in the bins. 5) Register the amounts. 6) Leave the warehousing area and go back to the Inventory menu 7) Select Item Journal 8) Go to Functions and select Calculate Whse. Adjustment - this will bring over any changes and “sync” up the item and whse ledgers 9) Post the adjustment This is making the assumption that you have the bins setup with appropriate items, uoms, weights, cubes, min/max, and such…but no quantities. It’s critical you do this prior to entry of quantities!

Bill, Many thanks for your prompt and informative response. We have complted all the set-up work but were impatient to get on with recording stock balances. We have recently acquired another company and have stock arriving to-day. You have to be careful with the Product posting Groups!