Opening older version with new version Problem

Hi all,

Client is using 6.0SP1 , but mistakenly opened with 6.0R2 and converted into R2 version Database

  1. will there be any problem in future (technically or functionally)

  2. How to recover the 6.0 SP1 version

There should not be any problem but you have to update all client systems also with NAV2009R2 client…

Restore previous backup to get NAV2009SP1…

We have updated all the client machines with R2 Cside folder and created a shortcut on desktop and asked users to use this link to open navision. Since some transaction are done since then , I will take the backup of present one restore it in SP1

Is it right to do like this?

Yes, but why do you need SP1 database? when you are using R2?

Still I suggest check all the processes as database is upgraded.