Opening Navision with VB

Hi!, I have been playing about with VB studio and have tried a little experiment that may help us demonstrate the abilities of Navision. The only problem is, i am a complete novice when it comes to VB. Despite some early successes i have stumbled on a small hitch that i am finding it tricky to get around. I have created an access database with a few customer records in. I have then used VB Studio to create a very basic user interface which allows those records to be viewed. What i would like to do is to open the customer card in navision 3.60 from this form. I addition i would also like the same record to be displayed in navision as was seen on the ‘end user’ form record. I have managed to get navision to open, but can’t find any reference to opening to a specific area in any of the literature that i have looked in. Can anyone offer any advice of how best to do this or where i might look for a possible answer. Please bear in mind i am a novice in VB, so simple answers would be appreciated where possible [:I]! Thanks in advance for any help anyone could offer. John

you have to pass all the parameters with opening the navision from vb to open a particular form you can get all the parameters if you open the customer card and from the file menu send the shortcut to desktop.

Hi Ajay, Thanks for your posting! We have found the parameters etc, but the problem i am having is launching it from VB. I am unsure of the syntax or the kind of command i need to use to call the parameters as i am a complete novice (well, two day experience and counting…[:D]). Any chance you (or any other kind soul) could narrow my search down a bit? I am drowning in VB manuals and online help without much idea of where to start!! Thanks again, John

The Shell command might be what you’re looking for.

Just solved it! Thanks for your help anyway!!

Try Shell command. Shell “C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client\fin.exe” It opens the navision and you just have to pass the parameters.

How did you solve it? May be somebody else likes to know too.

Sorry, should have put an explaination of how we did this before but got a bit carried away with the next steps. What we did was to use the parameters (as Ajay mentioned before) to open Navision but we declared it as a text variable. We used the text variable to break the parameter string down into constituent parts. Once we had broken the parameter down into several bits of text, we then built in a reference to the text box field that contained the customer number on our VB form. We placed this where the reference to the customer number occurred in the original parameter string. This seems to work but if anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to let me know. Thanks for everyones help.