Opening form from a report

Situation: I have report, which makes some manipulation with any data. At the end of the report I want to open a form showing the result. I want to use FORM.RUN to let the form stay open after the report ends up and closes itself. If the report is set “Procesing only” =NO, I run it, choose preview, after closing the preview window, the from stays open, everything is OK. If the report is stated as “Procesing only” =YES, at the end of report the form is opened for a short time (flash) and than it is closed, both, report and form. The third scenario works well: I run a codeunit at the end of report, the codeunit opens the form and it stays open after the report and codeunit is closed. My thoughts until this experience was, that I am not able to close the form from C/AL once it was run with Form.RUN. But the report can. Any ideas how it realy works?

I do not quite understand what you really want, but try to use FORM.RUNMODAL and check help to understand differences between RUN and RUNMODAL.

just a small suggestion… Why not put some code “currform.close” on the “OnTimer” trigger on the form you want to run?

Hi all, maybe the description is too complex. What I realy need is: run the report, at the end (OnPostReport) open form(FORM.RUN), close the report. (The form stays open). It works if procesing only =NO, it does not work if Porcesing only =YES.

In my system (2.60), it never works, even if ProcessingOnly=NO… once the preview window is closed, the form closes as well.

Oh, I forgot to add: What “result” do you want to show at the end of the report? Wouldn’t a simple MESSAGE window do the job?