opening & closing inventory in Navision

Dear All,
I would like to ask you about opening and closing inventory in Navision 4.00.02, especially about where I can see it (in what table or granule or report), the source of my questions are:

they also tell about WIP → SWIP, I don’t know what is SWIP.
The lean accounting is bassically taken from lean system, they focus on pull system. I welcome your answers. tks a lot.


The source of your questions is not accessible, so please post it here

SWIP is probably Sales WIP where the WIP is directly attributable to a sales order rather than stocking levels, but I could be wrong.

You do not have any real end of period processing in Navision so the concepts defined in the link are probably irrelevant to Navision.

Dear Thomas,

I’ve just browsed to this question and I think you could copy and open IE, then put this following address there:


I’ve just tried and success. I don’t know if MrGM can upload or not but me, I can’t. I am blame MrGM and you. tks



It does work for me but takes an age to load and then shows nothing [:D]

Hi Thomas,

You could open this : Then searching why lean accounting.

I just wonder why it can’t open.


I still cannot run anything on that page, and am slowly losing the will to live with it. Why don’t you post the question rather than getting people to search a site they cannot access? Anyway I believe from what you have said the concept of closing and opening inventory is period for systems that close periods, as you should be aware Navision does not work in this way so in theory your question is irrelevant.