Opening Balances Dataport


I have created a datatport for importing opening balances.

My Data Item is Table 81 Gen. Journal Line and the Dataport Fields are as follows:

Journal Template Name

Journal Batch Name

Posting Date

Account Type

Account No.



Bal. Account Type

Bal. Account No.

I have a saved file of the opening balances in CSV format.

After having run the dataport, and check in General Journal,only one line has been imported.

Can anyone tell me what I have missed?

Thanks and Regards

You need to add Journal Line.

Start this at 10,000 and increment by 10,000 afer each line of the dataport.

Thanks David, it works out fine.

You are wlecome. (PS I am marking this thread as resolved.)


You can also write a code to insert the line numbers automaticaly for each journal line when you run to import the records.

how about by adding the shortcut dimension value code in opening balances? how to add the shortcut dimension 3 en 4 value code?