opening balance in ledger reports


Is there any way i can get rid of opening balances that appear in my ledger reports. Year end closure process is also done. But when i take a report for expenses and incomes, it comes along with opening balance as well. pl advice.

Ruth Susan

How did you manage to get any OB entries in Income statement accounts? These must be zero by definition, if not:

  1. you haven’t done all year closing procedures,
  2. OR, your reports include closing entries. Special date is used for these, like C2011-12-31, check your reports, if they are custom-designed. Many standart reports have an option Include/Exclude closing entries.

If you mean startup entries, question is, HOW these opening balances were entered.

Normally, posting date of OB is BEFORE the first FY, registered in system. That means, if you started using Navision with FY starting on 01-Jan-2012, posting date for OB should have been 31-Dec-2011. and, consequently, these are out of FY date range and don’t show up.