Opening Balance Dimension issue

Hi friends!!!

Please help!!!

I have a small issue. We imported opening Balnce into our NAV Classic system without dimension being attached to it.

Now I would like to add dimension for that opening balance…

How will I do that??? Please suggest something!!!


How did u import Opening balance by using dataport?

which dimensions you are talking? shortcut 1 & 2?

you should have imported them with opening balances only

Or check whether this tool can help you, if you have already posted


You can import the dimension in the ledger entry dimension table by taking entry no of transaction and table id

This will resolve your problem

Surely a trial run of the opening balances? It is not like this is live and you never tested it?

Alter the import routines and retest in a new etst environment.

Or is this a real live run in? If it is and you have no choice I would reload the journal in but reversed, this would set all to zero. Amend the routine, amend the data, run it back in again. Three opening balance transactions but one with dimensions and the balance from one.