Opening Balance Adjustment in nav 6.0sp1 IN

See initially i have done with the Opening balance against Vendor.

The payment is also done .

But at last my client says ,the Opg Bal which i given is Wrong .

Now i want to change the figure of the Opg balance.

For Example:

Opg Bal for Vendor X-36000

Invoice 1 Opening bal is 10000

Invoice 2 Opening Bal is 10000

Invoice 3 Opening bal is 16000

So Three payment is done against for those invoices,

**Pmnt 1:**10000 rs Completely Done

**Pmnt 2:**10000 rs Completely Done

**Pmnt 3:**80000 rs Partially Done

Now balance is 8000 rs for that vendor.

after reconciliation my client says opening balance figure was wrong due to wrong figure in Invoice 1 and Invoice 2.

Actual Opening bal for that vendor is 30000 rs

But it was given as 36000 rs

How to configure this in Nav6.0 SP1

First of All if you have applied payment against invoices then you need to unapply and reverse the op balance document /entries of above invoices and then upload fresh entries again and then apply payment entries again.

Hi Amol,

I have said the same to my client ,

But he require without reversing the entries.

He is asking like any openg balance adjustment entries to pass…

Then tell them to pass Credit memo against those incorrect entries …

Thanks for your concern Amol.

Let me explain this to my client.