Opening a file in Excel

Hi all I have a small Problem with Excel. How can I opening a file in Excel on my Harddisk?? The way to start,close and write data to excel works already fine - I just want now to start with a special sheet (FILE) instead of creating a new one. Thanks alot! :wink: Ben Benjamin Crause Germany

Hi, I use: CREATE(xlApp); xlWorkBooks := xlApp.Workbooks; xlWorkBook := xlWorkBooks._Open(FileName); Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.

Hi Benjamin, or try this statement: HYPERLINK(‘ExcelFileName’); or HYPERLINK(FileDir + FileName); (if you store the location of the Excel file in a variable) Works with any extension that has been registered in the File Extensions in Windows. Saludos Nils Edited by - nilsm on 2002 Jun 07 18:44:04