opening a databse more than once

I have installed a client ver of attain3.01 on a M drive on the network and when i open the same databse from two client m/c’s it allows only one session of it to open and for the other it gives e message “the databse is already in use”. but if i open the same database more than once on the same client m/c it is working fine. what could be the problem? Is that i have to insatll navision sever application on the M drive or any thing else? thanks in advance

Hi, I have also experienced the same. When I you the same shortcut of Attain(same client program) to open attain application the program allows me to open the same database as many number of times. Previously, I get an error when my second client tries to access the same database. Eventhough the database is local, the system can actually work in a C/S type of environment. SO typically speaking, if you install you attain on a terminal server,(without) the navision server. The user can login into the database as a C/S environment. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

I had the same Problem. and non of the support people were there in Navision Office. So what can be the alternative - Hit and Trial methord So I tried one way which worked but " Hey Techincal experts please advice if am wrong". On the server when you see the properties of Navision Attain short cut at the security. add all the users using Navision client. and give them full access. " I have not tested what happenes if we give read only , modify etc." please comment if it can create any techinical problem in future.

This was possible in 2.60 also. You will see two sessions in Database Information. You will also se one slave.exe for each client. I suppose that we have two DBMS working independently with their own slave.exe and that there is no communication between them, so I don’t think we have a true C/S and I wouldn’t try using this in reality on real data. //Lars