Open transactions

We send out sample products and invoice it as ‘No-charge’ customer. So I have a lot of transactions with ‘0’ balances that should be closed but I don’t have that option in transaction editing. Suggestions? I was thinking of using sql and forcing a closing date on all of the transactions but no sure what affect this might have. Joe

Joe, what version and service pack are you using? Closing 0-balance transactions is a well known issue in the world of Axapta, but as far as I remember it has been solved. Regards, H. Jaeger Tectura (Ltd) UK

Hi You can only settle “0”-balance transactions when you settle another (real) transaction and add the “0” transaction to it.

Axapta 3.0,Service Pack 1 I would have to do a credit of a non 0 amount and then an offsetting debit memo to close all the ‘0’ balance open transactions with it. There would never be any real valued transactions for this customer no other solutions?