Open / Released Purchase orders

for every PO, there are 4 options, OPEN, RELEASED, PENDING APPROVAL, PENDING PREPAYMENT . What is the purpose of these?

As per me,

Open : you can modify the Order

Released : you cannot modify most of the fields of order

Pending Approval : If you have sent the order for Approval (Approval management functionality)

Pending Prepayment : If you have prepayment % in order and not yet posted or if you have posted prepayment amount(prepayment functionality)

From Help :

If the status is:

It means:


You can make changes to the document.


The document has been released to the next stage of processing and you cannot make changes to lines of type Item and Fixed Asset. To release a document, click Functions, Release, or Ctrl-F11.

You can reopen a released document if you want to make changes to its contents by clicking Functions, Reopen. To move the adjusted document to the next stage of processing, you must once again release the document.

Pending Approval

The document is waiting to be approved.

Pending Prepayment

A prepayment invoice has been posted for the document.