open purchase orders

There are numerous outstanding purchase orders in the Purchase Orders Module that seem to be stuck.
Purchase orders remains in the open purchase order list however the quantity ordered, quantity received and the quantity invoiced are all equal – as well there is an invoice generated in the vendor account for the proper value
what clears out these open PO’s from the Open Purchase order’s?

Ypu can try Administration–>IT Administration–>Data Deletion–>Purchase Documents–>Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders

Thanks Mohana,

I guess i am also trying to understand also why these are “stuck”, do you know of any documentation for this? Is there any adverse effects on the system if i delete invoiced purchase orders?

May be you have done some customization not to delete fully invoiced PO’s (if they are posted directly from PO)

Could someone be using the “Get Receipt Lines” Function on the purchase Invoice and thus not invoice from the purchase order?

This did work… Thanks!!